Best Premium Magazine WordPress Themes 2021

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So you, too, are on the hunt for Best Premium Magazine WordPress Theme, and I know it is pretty hard. 

To get to your complete satisfaction when it comes to paying for themes.

In haste? Then remember that you get the theme you need, and for that, you need shortlisted features.

Make a list, NOW! while you are here. And then match the best-looking theme with it.

If you are not in a hurry, then read my essential checklist for buying a theme.

10 Best Premium Magazine WordPress themes

FlexMag Magazine Theme

flexmag best magazine wp theme

This is on the list due to the ever-looking sweet and fresh UI. Suitable for a magazine or news blog.

A feature worth knowing is the Scoreboard option, the logo with a leader board, nine post layouts. 

Satisfactory and minimal admin manager. The theme is ready for all your needs, no matter the list you carry.

If you are looking for something fresh and new, this is a great choice. 

The wallpaper adoption does suit all the future and feature requirements.

For a magazine theme, this is the perfect blend for a regular user. Who runs a site on his or her own.

With that, you want something which has never failed anyone since it started, then.


newx best magazine theme

This theme can do all the talking for you. It has all the features you will require in the next ten years. Yes, I am talking about sanity here.

Nothing to complain about in any area. Tested for page speed.

The dev team’s beauty is that they have updated the theme for pre-built templates for covid. This shows the involvement of the dev and their tremendous support.

This theme is on the list because it has always done better, but it has excellent coding quality and much more. Another competitor for them is J News.

It has a built-in review system. I am soon planning on doing an in-depth review of the newspaper X theme.

Looking for something new other than traditional choices, then this will not disappoint you.


The most significant part of this theme is their landing page, which has so many demos. It will take a month to analyze all those.

This theme is marketed as a blog + magazine theme. Well, it certainly fulfills all promises. 

soledad magazine theme

It can be used as a creative art theme or a complete change and a magazine theme.

It has more than 50 case-based demos online. Live for you to watch and decide whether it does th work for you. I am certainly planning on getting this theme. I Will pitch my clients for it.

If 50+ demos are not enough, then what would be. Try looking at demos, and I am confident the decision of getting a magazine theme for wordpress would be made.


Now, if you want something of a magazine-style with less clutter and a great clean look, think no further than CERIS. CERIS is marketed as a blog + news theme.

best fresh latest magazine theme

The look is entirely new, and certain looks resemble modern-day apps. A fresh experience for your user.

If you are someone planning on upgrading a theme, then go with CERIS. IF someone new, then atleast try CERIS before getting somethings else.

With 30+ demos depicting every need and situation for us, all CERIS is not far behind in anything.

Thoughtfully the post display is managed in so many pro and satisfying ways you can’t stop scrolling.

ceris latest magazine theme

Anymag – Magazine Style WordPress Blog

If you are launching a magazine and want a real magazine look, then anymag s the last stop. It would help if you did not think beyond this. Why? Does the job and is on sale when I am writing this article.

real magazine theme

Well, it’s not just that. This is an actual magazine-style publisher theme.

One side can be used as a complete ad side, or posts are laid to give a magazine reading experience.

Remember this is for very specific purpose only.

Suppose you have read Flipboard or anything like that. The anymag completes the experience.

A caution, this is a fundamental magazine theme and should be preferably used by agencies or publishers only.

It is hard for everyday users not to produce magazine-like content and formatting all the time.

Networker Tech Magazine Theme

If you want a niche-specific magazine theme, then networker has done the job for you. 

The theme comes with a dark mode feature.

wordpress dark mode theme

A feature-packed Gesture of the networker theme

You know the difference between the dark mode of apple devices ad others. This is the apple of dark mode in themes.

It is a clean and focussed theme for a single broad niche magazine website. The layout designed depicts this for sure.

Performs well with the new block editor from wordpress.

So no need for other script-heavy page builders.

These are the best five themes for now. Now Working on another set of 5 Best wordpress magazine themes of 2021.

So before you read my list of wordpress magazine themes, go through some basics of buying a premium theme.

For a magazine theme, below-mentioned point are very important

Premade layouts

An essential thing to keep in mind. It is tough to make your theme look like when you purchased it.

Check premade layouts to your satisfaction.

Always buy a magazine theme with a 4.5+ rating.

This is because it has been tested in live environments and does not have any complaints or speed issues.

Check the live demo

Make sure you check the live demo very peculiarly.

Stay out of fear from these trivial issues when buying themes.

Will it be fast?

Whether a company or a single one, every developer will make sure their theme is the fastest. So they always try their best. Do not always depend on the speed scores, as they are not users. If you write something worthy, people will wait to read it.

Also, if you think thing speed is everything, then get an HTML website. It’s the fastest with no design at all. This, too, would not work.

So do not make a phobia for yourself or get obsessed.

Will it have each and everything?

Always make a bare list of features you want. This way, you do not go for the things you do not wish to.

A theme may have 100 features in all but may not have the thing you want. So keep this in check all the time.

Most magazine themes come with the primary inbuilt builder of sorts, So there will no need for any other builder or plugin to make your pages.

After staying in the industry for the last ten years, I cannot recollect that there was ever any need for most of the features offered.

All it boils down to the basic features you wanted. Rest all just a plus.

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