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Image compression is simply a great option. If your images are not worthy of the point you are trying to make, then COMPRESS them.

Because Image takes a lot of toll on your shared hosting server, if you are using wordpress, then images are of genuine concern. 

If you do not follow image compression, use a CDN or good hosting services like we do here.

I have selected the Best Free Image Compressor’s based on my personal use, and based on them, I have commented on others. Also I have performed tests on all of them.

Look for test details below.

These all are online Best image compressor. No one is available offline or installable image compressor for windows.

Original image

Best Free Image Compressor test image used for testing

We have used the official image from envato. ANd then compressed it using default setting on all the tools mentioned. I have given the results of all free image compressor tools in before and after format.

Look closely and you will find the answer for your needs. the best compressor online mentioned at last based on results. thus go through results to make the best suggestion.

Best Free Image Compressor Only list you will need

img2go Image Compressor

Image2go on the list for one single advertisement and less clutter. 

A good look of clean UI.

No need to turn pages or wait for the loading time for your compressed images.


  • Simple drag-drop option.
  • Dropbox Google drive connection
  • Options of image compression JPG and PNG
  • Scale Changeable
  • Width height adjustable
  • Direct compression modes
  • Selection bar for quality control of image compression.

Uploads are quick and easy. Limitations on size and no of files not seen.

Limitation 3 files at once. Else need to upgrade to pro.

Bulk download and single file download available

Offers Google Chrome Extension

image togo image compression tool

toolur’s compressimage

toolurs This is on the list due to one of the cleanest page build and professional look. 

IN terms of features, it does not lie behind.

If you are looking for a sweet and straightforward image compressor online, then this is the one. 

It does have less option but not the ones which will not do the job perfectly.


  • Compression Method
  • Image Quality in digit %
  • Compression type 2 options
  • Resize digits based.


  • Simple upload
  • No drag-drop of images
  • upto 25 Images at once
  • 0-30MB size
  • 50 MP per Image

The above limitation is no actual limitations. 

No one will convert more than ten files at once, which would be enough for them.

The limitations are to rescue from abuse. 

Although you might think these are too few options, they are enough for any online works.

Online Image Compression Results

toolurs image compression test

This brings us to the next online image compressor tool

Compress Image from iloveimage

iloveimage Again a very clean and elegant looking online image compressor. With one single ad.


  • Drag-drop option
  • Google dropbox
  • No file size or number limitations

It was tested with 23 images of 25 MB in all at once. No error or upgrade required or suggested.


  • No options displayed
  • no control over the quality

Just a button to compress all images

If you want images to be compressed most simply, then this is the tool you want. 

It takes in Image and processes it used on the Image.

The result is reasonable, if not impressive.

Result for iloveimage compressor online

iloveimage compressor online

Because the downloaded Image is not distorted or bad and Should work well for all the web related work.

Optim Zilla Image Compressor

optimzilla is with a lot of ads but then too on the list. This is because of the UI it offers. It processes images in parallel.

It means that if you upload 25 images at once, you do not have to wait for all 25 images to be compressed. 

It will compress the images based on each image requirement.


  • fast and easy
  • compresses to the best ability
  • Lesser wait time

no Compromise in compression.


  • Drag and drop
  • No google or dropbox connection
  • 25 images at once

Now, do you think if you do not have control, you cannot have good images? 

No, that is not the case here. You can have the best image quality with them.

Try and use this one to see how it fastens the image processing in your workflow.

The parallel process does help in getting things done.

optimzilla image compressor test

Compress Jpeg

CompressImageJPG Now, this is all the same with the above mentioned optim Zilla online image compressor. 

The difference is this one is for jpeg.

I have observed that the dedicated image compressors online perform better than those that support both jpg and png image format.

This may be a personal experience, but I think it is worth it. 

You will feel this when using png converter suggested after this.


  • Parallel processing
  • Bulk download with zip


  • No google dropbox
  • no control of compression
  • 20 images at once

So does it still holds onto the list? 

Not just I wanted to fill in this space. It works wonders like all others.

And the image quality is as excellent as others. 

No compromise whatsoever.

This one is of best use for the ones who need jpg converted fast and easily. Because of its parallel process, it converts pretty well.

Results for Compressimage

compressimage image compression

Tiny Png

tiny png is my favourite of all time. 

The most straightforward UI and the most incredible speed it has to offer amongst all of the free online compressor tools.

I will not mention any limitation because the limitation of no selectable options and no google or dropbox does not matter here.

This is because this tool is blazing fast with fantastic results.

Drag and drop images, whether jpeg or png, start to convert to the best possibility with no loss visible to eyes.

Download all at once or one by one.

Everything works very fast compared to all others mentioned above.

I kept this for last because it is my favourite, and you would not scroll till here 😉 (Sorry)

If you want a combination of speed and quality, this is the most straightforward tool

See the results for Tiny PNG image compressor

tinypng image compression

Compressor io

Compressor.io A tool that can compress all FILES LIKE JPEG SVG OR GIF OR EVEN WEBP.

The only online freemium image compressor which does the job of all image compression. 

No other tool gets listed on google either.

A simple and great UI of drag and drop with limitation on files and filesize.


  • Drag Drop
  • Web GIF and SVG compressor


  • Max 10 MB. 100 at a time.
  • No google or dropbox
  • No control of parameters

Simple list based download or all zip download available. 

All and anyone can use this. But for those who have already started dealing with conversion and use of webp, this is the best bet.

Free of cost, fast and straightforward solution for compression of web files online.

It also boosts SEO and lighthouse optimized images to boost image SEO. 

I consider it accurate based on the business they have. 

Else why false claims to get free users to use their resources.

Awesome result of all for online image compression.

compressor.io online image compression result

List of Online Image Compressors based on maximum efficiency

Maximum file size reduction with best possible quality

All the below mentioned compressed images up to 45-65 per cent with good clarity. And the other did compress in the range of 20-35 per cent.

  • Compressor io
  • Tiny Png
  • iloveimage


These are the resources we have used personally to get the most of our workflow and clients workflow.

You are welcome to use these. If you want, you try on your own and suggest what you did like and why.

But my suggestion would be a tiny png. I cannot speak of it enough how much it helped me in all the workflow.

Yes, We use the free online image compression version. I have used API but not considered it for writing this article.

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