19 Ultimate Additions To Make Your Work Breeze

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Working from office desk is a mixture of both happiness and irritation. Because most of the things office related cannot be achieved from home and you have to get in touch with other people via chat or something like that and that’s what gets us irritated.

Today we have got things which are mostly of great use to my female counterparts.
And this should be viewed as a therapy to relieve your stress.
Relieving stress also gives increase to an efficient workflow because mentally you do not have that barrier of irritation or stress every time in whatever you are you doing.

I have added the things which I thought would be really helpful in lessening down the stress levels. And stress is not something which comes only from people.

Stress can be also caused by clutter. By not having efficient use of things or not doing efficient placements on your desk.
These too contributes to stress because you’re doing something and things fall down and then we get irritated and that it creates ultimate irritations and stress.

This is my version of how I look at stress. Since I have started working from home.
Stress easily create disturbances for your working. So I selected things thinking they would help everyone of us to get beyond stress or at least not get stressful.

Lets get started with the list!

I want you to figure this out for yourself I would just called a spinner but it is a real stress buster for your desk

I always like to stare at my desk at something which is quite worthwhile or meaningful.
Nothing is more worthwhile than simple quotes which keep you on track and again help you get into the tone of work.

Succulents plants are my favorite.
If you really like them but are not willing to take care of them. Then this would be really great addition with their color combination holders.

To get relief from the itchiness of the desk or from other sharp edges I tried these. But later on I found these make a great look as well.
I started placing this mat before I start working because it gives complete aesthetic look for your work environment.

If you are one who likes placement and aesthetics more than anything. This is a great addition

We all work on laptops. And expandability of laptops is decreasing.
On the other hand have ample of gadgets to be charged and to be accessed.
So to come out of all that irritation and stress of cables and figuring out the USB port location.
This one thing will be quite helpful in your office desk.

I am not seen a desk lamp intelligent than this one.
Because it comes with a lot of features other than just charging your mobile.
Tt also has sockets to help you add some other equipment as well.

If you do not have a desk lamp then this is quite beneficial.
Because lamps like these also tend to to decrease the glare when they are used between your eyes and your screen. like the new BenQ lamps

I use these lamps as a cheaper option to BenQ.

If lot of your time is being spent being unproductive.
Then small things like these do make a difference at least for the next few minutes.
And I like them because they always remind you and help you keep track of whatever you doing.

No matter how much we worked on the computers some papers are always going to lie around us.
Some things we just like in paper form. So to clean the desk and still have them accessible this is a great and simple addition to your desk.
Which will hold lot of magazines papers and everything paper related.

Whether it’s a Feng Shui or any other culture elephants have always been known for prosperity. In Asian culture most of the time.
So this little edition will at least keep the positivity on your desk to the least.

I love the simplicity of this plant holder and beauty of it. 
Because this is not just plant holder.
If you look at it carefully you see an Idea machine. Or you can use it as an idea generator.
Whenever you look at it you can think of generating an idea like a glowing light bulb.
With that it also maintains freshness on your desk.

If you want a completely different set of succulent plants which are attached with one of the improvement you want in yourself.
This is one of the good option.
You do not have to clean plant edges. Just clean the mason jars from outside.

If you have a cat at home and you are a cat lover then this is a mandatory for your desk.
There is no question you cannot have this on your desk.
A good stress reliever and joy spinner.

For Cat love this would be a great addition of having on your desk and also acts as a great sticky holder.
These small fun elements make and break your day so let make the your day.

Even though you are not traveling to office these days there are certain bags of food delivery parcels which are hanging around on your desk.
Or the litter which to create around your desk.
You can use this and hang it around the desk. Once the day is done you can clean all the litter at once.
I avoid dustbins because they start acting as foot rests.

There is no worst thing then sitting all day long but there is no other way out of sitting in today’s culture. To counter sitting this is a nice addition to support your back and tailbone and stay worry-free.

If you are a fan of great attitudes and want to keep a daily attitude for yourself.
Go grab these golden color attitude pictures. They should do the trick for you.
These is only work when you do of course. But they are a great navigation or GPS for your wandering mind.

This sweet little elephant pen holder is a great addition because it also handles your cell phone which is always in the middle of doing something.
Or keeps falling off the desk.
It also gives you a bird’s-eye view of your cell phone so that you don’t always go and grab it.
It also works the other way around. Whatever you see on the cell phone you may be tempted to grab it immediately but that’s what we call discipline to control these behaviours.

I always add at least one organizer to the list because organization keeps you stress-free in many ways.
You get whatever you want at that particular place, secondly you do not have to hunt for it, and third you do not waste your time in any of the above. Else other stuff gets delayed and you feel irritated.

Please let me know in the comments if they are any beneficial or useful to you.
Thank you for giving and reading

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